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Re: Raycasting problem

I've solved the problem.

I've follwe this steps in a windows 7 ultimate x64

- install unreal tournament 2004 FROM STEAM (if you use the old version from cd's it won't work! even if you patched it with the patch 3369)
- install netbeans 7.1.2 and open it for the first time
- install pogamut 3.3.1 and when it asks you for the route to install maven 3.0.4, copy the route and don't install it yet! Now do:
* windows button -> sysdm.cpl -> advanced options -> environtment variables -> System variables -> PATH
* edit path and add it the route that you have copied before
* accept all changes
- finish pogamut instalation
- open netbeans and go to Tools -> options -> miscellaneous -> maven. Find the textbox called "external maven home" and check that the route it's correct.