Pogamut Platform

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  • Current version: 3.6.1
    • Pogamut UT2004 Installer 3.6.1(external link) for UT2004(external link) containing:
      • GameBots2004
      • UT2004 latest patch 3369
      • Apache Maven 3.0.4
      • NetBeans Plugins
      • yaPOSH competence evaluation fixed
      • yaPOSH editor improved
      • Bots that are run from command line now interpret more Java params (team, desired skill, skill, name) that may override values from Initialize command -> easing the way to conduct automated matches / tournaments
      • We now have Addons/UT2004Tournament-DM-Table project, that auto-performs 1v1 DM tournament between N bots (does not produce the final table yet...), already used, works perfectly
      • GameBots2004 has a new message LocationUpdate that can feed you with info about your bot location/rotation/velocity about every 75ms (can be configured)
      • Addons/UT2004TeamComm project can be considered mature enough, basicly a chat server for UT2004 bots (you can even create private channels :-)) that allows you to send Serializable objects to other bots all/team/channel/private.
      • Example project archetypes
    • Having problems? Archetypes not installed? Try to follow these installer steps(external link).

    • Pogamut UT3 Installer 3.5.3(external link) for UT3(external link) containing:
      • GameBotsUT3
      • Apache Maven 3.0.4
      • NetBeans Plugins
      • Example project archetype (so far the only HunterBot containing all the UT3 specific code)
      • Note that PogamutUT3 was not released in v3.6.0

    • Pogamut Emohawk Installer 3.6.1(external link) using UnrealEngine2(external link) containing:
      • UnrealEngine2 Runtime (to be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes, see their license)
      • GameBotsUE2
      • lot of custom body animations, emoticons and out EmohawkVille map (fairly large city)
      • Apache Maven 3.0.4
      • NetBeans Plugins
      • Example project archetypes

    • Pogamut DefCon Installer 3.6.1(external link) using DefCon game(external link) containing:
      • DefCon game downloader
      • Apache Maven 3.0.4
      • Example project archetypes
      • Auto-downloads demo version of Defcon game
      • Be sure to run Defcon once before starting example bot
      • Note that you have to alter example bot property file and fill correct path to Defcon, see PogamutDefcon.properties
      • Note that example bot is run from ant\build.xml use target run

  • Watch our continuous integration in Jenkins(external link) !


Old releases

Pogamut Libraries

  • Current version: 3.6.1
  • Current devel vesion: 3.6.2-SNAPSHOT
  • Change log:
    • UT2004AStar class implemented (access this.aStar in main bot class) providing customizable AStar algorithm
    • toLocation() method fixed - Rotation wasn't converted correctly to directional vectors

NOTE: There is no need to install anything to use Pogamut libraries, all you have to do is edit pom.xml file of your project and alter <parent> pom version into 3.6.1, Maven will pick up new libraries automatically. Snippet:

    <name>AMIS Artifactory</name>

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This work is supported by GA UK 1053/2007/A-INF/MFF (2007-8), GA UK 351/2006/A-INF/MFF (2006-8), the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic (grant MSM0021620838) (2008-9), by the Program "Information Society" under project 1ET100300517 (2006-9), and the project Integration of IT Tools into Education of Humanities (2006-8) and by the project CZ.2.17/3.1.00/31162, which are financed by the European Social Fund, the state budget of the Czech Republic, and by the budget of Municipal House Prague.