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Welcome dear student, you've stumbled upon our GSoC page of the Pogamut platform :-)

The Pogamut is a platform that provides a coding tools for virtual agents inside various commercial or open source games. Our goal is to provide an access to various game engines to simplify the coding of bots for those games. Unreal Tournament 2004, Second Life, Neverwinter Nights, Glest, Wargus we would love to have them all! We like to hang around the gaming AI, we like to play and there is no better fun then to code the greatest AI for a game and beat it … rethink it again and try to do the same!

Right now we have the three similar environments in store - Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004), Unreal Engine Runtime 2 Demo (UE2, a free version of Unreal Engine that provide the same environment UT2004 does, but does not provide UT2004 game content) and UDK (similar to UE2 but newer). UT2004 is a great first person shooter game and it's really a brain teaser to think out the best death-match bot possible. During the previous two years we've figured out that to code the bot inside UnrealScript is not the best you can do thus we've taken old GameBots code for old UT and reforged it for the UT2004 and UDK. Thus we have created a mod that allows us to control bots inside the UT2004 with the series of textual commands (yes you can even telnet to the GameBots2004 port and try to manually control the bot!). Then we have built an library that implements a protocol of GameBots2004 so you can code the bot in Java language. But we didn't stop there - we also made a NetBeans plugin so the coding of the bot is really pleasant thing to do!

We have learned a lot of things along the way and picked up several ideas too and we would be the most greatful if you pick one of our project and try to code some interesting stuff. Whether it be a small plugin improvement or connecting another game with the Pogamut!

Go ahead and check our GSoC Projects!

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