This section is a list of “how to do certain things” or “cookbooks” but not so detailed ones ;-) Anyway here you can find things that you should know if you're trying to develop advanced projects with Pogamut or if you aspire to become the true Pogamut geek. FIXME topics may be out of date.


Pogamut 3 Design

Pogamut Guidelines

FIXME How to use Pogamut from SVN - information how to use the latest Pogamut version in SVN.

FIXME Pogamut, Maven and Eclipse - information how to import Pogamut projects into Eclipse

FIXME Video making tips - general page about creating cool video clips

FIXME Pogamut FSM Bot Engine - a simple extension of Pogamut allowing for easy FSM bots implementing

FIXME I want to be the developer

FIXME SVN Repository layout

FIXME SVN Branches and How to

FIXME How Subprojects work, how can I add one

FIXME Pogamut Internationalization, explains how to translate Pogamut

FIXME Installing gamebots as part of your project build

Adding new GameBots message to Pogamut JAVA, to the client part of Pogamut platform

Adding new type of message to GameBots (UnrealScript)

FIXME Adding Netbeans wrapper module for JavaProject, how to add NB wrapper project that is dynamically rebuild every time, instead of one time jar.

FIXME Adding new example project

FIXME Adding new template project


Doors and other movers, some hints on creating levels with doors and other interactive things.

Unreal Tournament 2004

Non-violent UnrealTournament and other tricks, how to get rid of the weapons, strange items, etc.

UT2004 Objects - general info about UT2004 items, weapons and navigation points.

UT2004 items respawn times - useful for a good combat bot

GameBots2004 setskin examples

Other interesting topics

FIXME Memory leaks and weak references, on the topic of different types of references (phantom, weak, …)

FIXME Action selection problem - a small introduction

FIXME Bots in FPS games - a small introduction

FIXME Small UT devel blog -

FIXME Knight's devel blog -

FIXME Known GameBots2004 issues -

FIXME UE1 - undocumented unreal

FIXME Universal Agent Architectures

FIXME List of current agent platforms and languages

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