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 +====== Recording a demo in Unreal Tournament 2004 ====== 
 +You can record a match in audiovisual form by recording demo. There are two types: 
 +  - Client-side demo records only from view of one particular player who started recording. 
 +  - Server-side demo record whole world including view of all players. 
 +For recording server-side demo Unreal Tournament 2004 server have to be ran with set administrator name and password. You can use following parameters:​ 
 + ?​AdminName=<​administrator_name>?​AdminPassword=<​administrator_password>​ 
 +During match enter console. 
 +Log in as administrator. 
 + adminlogin <​administrator_name>​ <​administrator_password>​ 
 +Start recording server-side demo. 
 + admin demorec <​name>​ 
 +Stop recording server-side demo. 
 + admin stopdemo 
 +Demo will be saved in folder Demos in installation directory of Unreal Tournament 2004. File name will be <​name>​.demo4
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