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 ====== Welcome! ====== ====== Welcome! ======
-Welcome to the Pogamut-Devel wiki. These pages should ​hold information about [[http://diana.ms.mff.cuni.cz/main/|Pogamut]] platform development. You will find here: +Welcome to the Jakub'​s Stash. These pages hold information about some lectures ​[[https://gamedev.cuni.cz/contacts/|Jakub Gemrot]] is backing at [[http://​www.mff.cuni.cz|MFF UK]], [[http://​www.praha.eu/​jnp/​en/​index.html|Prague]].
-  * list of all [[Subprojects]] that are currently developed on Pogamut platform +
-  * proposals of projects that could be developed on Pogamut platform ( [[Google summer of code]], [[Bachelor and master thesis proposals]] ​ ) +
-  * [[Guidelines]] for users who want to know more about Pogamut and its parts and/or are interested in Pogamut platform development or contributing +
-  * and more +
-  +
-List of available dokuwiki plugins[[wiki_syntax|available plugins]].+
 +You will find here:
 +  * List of [[Lectures]]
 +  * Bc. and MSc. [[Thesis Proposals]]
 +  * Outdated [[Guidelines]] for [[http://​pogamut.cuni.cz|Pogamut]] platform, kept as remined we should revise them :)
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