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 <td width="​130"​ style="​border-bottom:​ 1px solid lightgray;">​You will learn:</​td>​ <td width="​130"​ style="​border-bottom:​ 1px solid lightgray;">​You will learn:</​td>​
 <td> </td> <td> </td>
-<td>Java, PDDL, Planning4J, Flixel game engine</td>+<td>Various AI techniques</td>
 </tr> </tr>
 <tr> <tr>
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 <td style="​border-bottom:​ 1px solid lightgray;">​Excitement:</​td>​ <td style="​border-bottom:​ 1px solid lightgray;">​Excitement:</​td>​
 <td> </td> <td> </td>
-<​td><​font color="​blue">​Create generator for grid-based strategic games, make millions ;-)</​font>​+<​td><​font color="​blue">​You will create game-like stuffs :-)</​font>​
 </​br> ​ </​br> ​
 </td> </td>
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 <td> </td> <td> </td>
 <​td><​font color="​black">​ <​td><​font color="​black">​
-The aim of the thesis is to create interpret for specific-types PDDL domains that describe grid-strategic games, e.g. gather resourcesbuild army, fight, use buffs/debuffs, etc.</td>+The aim of the thesis is to explore possibilities of automatic generation of game-mechanics, e.g., tech-trees or spells ​spell combos, etc</​td>​
 </tr> </tr>
 </​table></​html>​ </​table></​html>​
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