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Do you work directly with GameBots protocol supplied with Pogamut and need help?
36 Sun 17 of Mar., 2013 09:03 CET
Re: pls help me solve this problem by jakub.gemrot
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If you are unsure where to post, use this forum.
136 Wed 03 of Apr., 2013 18:09 CEST
Re: Bot's name by fireball787b
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Pogamut Netbeans IDE Plugin
Do you have any difficulties with Pogamut Netbeans Plugin?
123 Sun 05 of May, 2013 19:51 CEST
Re: I can't use Pogamut templates by sev
13192 View
Following forum is designated for participants of http://www.pogamutcup.com
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Any questions regarding Pogamut<->DefCon goes here.
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Any questions regarding Pogamut<->Emohawk (UnrealEngine 2) goes here.
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Having troubles with bots in UDK?
45 Wed 26 of Oct., 2011 11:37 CEST
Using a custom map with pogamut bots by Davidoff
6823 View
Having problems coding your Java bot?
822 Wed 16 of Oct., 2013 16:37 CEST
Re: Deterministic Experimentation by jakub.gemrot
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Unreal Tournament 2004 / UDK
General forum about the Unreal Tournament / UDK considering Pogamut platform.
20 Tue 15 of Feb., 2011 10:09 CET
Re: Cannot add native bots to Gamebots server? by michal.bida
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