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Pogamut 3.1 RC1 (beta) is OUT!

michal.bida Tuesday 12 of October, 2010
We have first release candidate for Pogamut 3.1 - Pogamut 3.0.999. Currently, installer and NetBeans plugin is in beta stage, but we are working hard to resolve all the issues. Grab it at Download section. You will find there:
  • A new IPathExecutor – after using the current implementation for a while, we came up with some enhancements - we have based our path finding code on LoqueBot that won BotPrize in 2008! Bots are now running 100% better.
  • PogamutDEFCON – an interface for the DEFCON game build on top of the Gavialib! Check readme file here with information how to set it up (tutorial coming soon).
  • There is a pre-alpha version of our Finite State Machine Visual Editor, which might one day be an alternative to the SPOSH editor. Check the FSM CTF bot!
  • Porting Gamebots to Unreal Development Kit (UDK) – NetBeans plugin is now capable of connecting to UDK servers. Download UDK with GameBots installer! (Currently it is only possible to create GameBots server through UDK GUI.)

Known bugs:
  • NetBeans installs some of the .jar files Pogamut needs wrongly. To resolve this issue copy and replace PogamutCore.jar and PogamutUT2004.jar from \NetBeans 6.9.1\nb\modules\ext\ to \NetBeans 6.9.1\nb\libs\ ! Then template and example projects should work again!
  • POSH bots do not work - consut forums with information how to solve this.
  • Template projects are not always in correct folders.

All the best,
The Pogamut Team


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