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FINAL EXAM (with complete package that can be reused out of the box)

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Q: Gimme link to ALMA bot.
A: ALMA bot

Q: I have a problem with imports - the NetBeans help doesn't work. :-/
A: Two solutions, either add PogamutUT2004.jar and PogamutCore.jar to libraries to your project (the help should be working), or add imports to your class manualy. Some usefull imports:

import cz.cuni.amis.pogamut.base3d.worldview.object.*; //for Location, Velocity..
import cz.cuni.amis.pogamut.ut2004.communication.messages.gbcommands.*; //GB commands
import cz.cuni.amis.pogamut.ut2004.communication.messages.gbinfomessages.*; //GB messages

Q: I am a student and want to use Pogamut, but I don't have UT2004.
A: Unfortunately school cannot provide you with UT2004 - however you are free to use Pogamut in SW1 laboratory (when it is free) and there are two Pogamut computers in MS lab (far end against the entrance) where we can create an acount for you.

Q: I can't get UT2004 or work in lab. What can I do?
A: Well… There is one way. Download and install UnrealEngine Runtime. Then try and install Pogamut3 UnrealEngine Runtime installer. If you let us know if it worked or not, you will earn some bonus points. :-)

Q: How to disable master server authentication in UT2004?
A: In UT2004/System/UT2004.ini find [IpDrv.MasterServerUplink] and set the following:



Extensions to Pogamut that allowed us development of educational high-schools projects, and innovations concerning education of undergraduate students were financially supported by the project CZ.2.17/3.1.00/31162 financed by the European Social Fund (2009 - 2011).

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