our student/s :-) and everybody else who is interested in these lectures.

Pogamut Deathmatch Competition

There was unofficial Pogamut Deathmatch competition with following setting:

  • Map: DM-1on1-Albatross
  • Deadline: End of May
  • Prizes: Honour, pride, unknown (there may be a small financial prize for the winner if we get some sponsors :-) )

Four contestants entered:

  • Petr Hlista
  • Jan Peprnik
  • Marek Vlk
  • Simon Kvasnicka
  • Knight hunter bot (as reference bot)


The best scoring bots were from Petr Hlista and Jan Peprnik - congratulations to you both.

Pogamut library versions

New library released:

  • version: 3.2.3
  • date: 27.4.2011

Lectures history

Note: When sending a homework through email use this subject: Pogamut homework 2011.

Lecture 1 (PDF)

Lecture 2 (PDF)

  • Navigation inside UT2004 using Pogamut platform
    • navigation graphs, NavPoint, Item
    • listeners, annotations
    • PathExecutor, PathPlanner
  • Explore ResponsiveBot
    • see how you may listen for events from UT2004
  • Explore NavigationBot
    • see how you can use PathExecutor and PathPlanner
  • Homework:
    • Collector+Retaliator bot behavior
    • Do your homework :-)

Lecture 3 (PDF)

  • Advanced weapon handling and shooting in Pogamut
  • Tips and tricks + helper objects (Cooldown, Heatup)
  • ItemType, Category + item/weapons descriptors
  • Homework:
    • Basic hunter bot
    • bot is picking up items + shooting at players
  • Downloads: HunterBot project

Lecture 4 (PDF)

  • Advanced path finding - approaching and fleeing
  • We have looked how to make your own ControlConnection (see tutorial)
  • DeathMatch1vs1 class get archetype here (does not work … and probably won't be working, so just keep working on your bots)
  • Homework:
    • Make your own bot tournament using DeathMatch1vs1 or DeathMatch1vsnative archetypes and send us results (does not work … and probably won't be working, so just keep working on your bots)

Lecture 5 (PDF)

  • A gentle introduction to POSH
  • POSH basics and primitives
  • Using POSH to code a bot
  • Homework:
    • Create simple hunter bot with POSH
    • Add basic item collection behavior
    • Add basic combat behavior
  • Downloads: SPOSH Bot project

Lecture 6 (PDF) (LAST lecture)

  • We have looked onto CTF game type
  • Pogamut CTF game type support
  • Using POSH to code a CTF bot.
  • Homework:
    • Create your own CTF botin POSH (use map CTF-FaceClassic)
    • Provide item collector behavior + simple combat behavior
    • Provide CTF game type behavior
    • Can you make the botso good, he will beat you? (with highest skill level set)
  • Downloads: CTF Bot project


Q: How to get account in our computer laboratory for non-MFF students?

  • b) Get the network administrator of students school to sign the form above (if you are unable to get the signature, then ask Cyril Brom)
  • c) Go to the SISAL, Mala Strana, fourth floor - in the corridor in the back and there they will create an account for you


Q: How do I create PogamutUT2004 Bot project in NetNeans from archetype?
A: Its easy. Simply click New Project, from categories choose Maven. From projects choose Maven project. Click on Next. Click on Add… button and the NetBeans will ask you about archetype details. That is :

Full list of available archetypes can be found here. (always use repository above)

Also be sure that NetBeans is using Maven 3.0.2! Obtain Maven from here: Maven 3.0.2. After unpacking, go to NetBeans→Tools→Options→Miscellaneous→sheet Maven→set Maven home directory.

Q: I have a problem with imports - the NetBeans help doesn't work. :-/
A: Two solutions, either add PogamutUT2004.jar and PogamutCore.jar to libraries to your project (the help should be working), or add imports to your class manually. Some useful imports:

import cz.cuni.amis.pogamut.base3d.worldview.object.*; //for Location, Velocity..
import cz.cuni.amis.pogamut.ut2004.communication.messages.gbcommands.*; //GB commands
import cz.cuni.amis.pogamut.ut2004.communication.messages.gbinfomessages.*; //GB messages

Q: I am a student and want to use Pogamut, but I don't have UT2004.
A: Unfortunately school cannot provide you with UT2004 - however you are free to use Pogamut in SW1 laboratory (when it is free) and there is one Pogamut computer in MS lab (far end against the entrance) where we can create an account for you.

Q: How to disable master server authentication in UT2004?
A: In UT2004/System/UT2004.ini find [IpDrv.MasterServerUplink] and set the following:



Inovace kurzu v letech 2011/2 a 2012/3 byly podpořeny projektem CZ.2.17/3.1.00/33274 financovaným Evropským sociálním fondem a rozpočtem hlavního města Prahy.

Evropský sociální fond
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