Installation and download


StoryFactory homepage is at (in czech)

  1. Install StoryFactory and UnrealRuntime 2 and StoryFactory UnrealRuntime 2 files with StoryFactory 2.1.1 exe installer
  2. To get started read first StoryFactory help by clicking the Help button in upper menu.
  3. To set StoryFactory to English edit settings.xml file in StoryFactory/config/ folder by changing language to EN. Edit the file when StoryFactory is not running!

Note: StoryFactory requires Java 1.6! Download latest Java from UnrealRuntime 2 is free for non commercial and educational purposes.
Note: To use StoryFactory with UDK download UDK-StoryFactory expansion pack, install it to StoryFactory folder and then change in StoryFactory/config/settings.xml <bUseUDKVersion>false</bUseUDKVersion> to <bUseUDKVersion>true</bUseUDKVersion>.


  1. Install SteeringGame and UnrealRuntime2 files with SteeringGame 1.0 installer (SteeringTool 1.0) or newer version SteeringGame 2.0 installer.
  2. Read the short SteeringGame tutorial: SteeringGame short tutorial in EN or SteeringGame short tutorial in CZ.
  3. Now run startEmohawkServer.bat in UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo\System folder to start the game server.
  4. After the server is up run startUE2Runtime.bat in UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo\System to start the graphical visualizer of the environment.
  5. After that you may run the SteeringGame by running SteeringGame.exe.
  6. To set SteeringGame to Czech edit settings.xml file in SteeringGame/config/ folder by changing language to CZ. Edit the file when SteeringGame is not running!

Note: SteeringGame requires Java 1.6 32Bit also. Download latest 32Bit Java from UnrealRuntime 2 is free for non commercial and educational purposes.

SimDate3D (Emohawk Interactive Game)

Download SimDate3D installer here:

Before playing the game read SimDate 3D user guide.
Note: SimDate3D supports systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You need to have Java installed on your computer for SimDate3D installer to work. Java is usually present on Windows systems. If SimDate3D fails to install, download java from . On Windows Vista and Windows 7 we recommend to install SimDate3D outside Program Files folder (SimDate3D might not work there due to insufficient rights to write data in the folder)
Note2: To set English version edit file settings.xml found in SimDate3D installation folder in /conf/ sub-folder and set LANG_CZ_EN to false.

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