SimDate3D-2 is an extended version of SimDate3D. The setting is as follows: Thomas, Barbara and Nataly live in a small town. Thomas is going out with Barbara and… well… also with Nataly. The girls don't know about each other. Thomas tries to date both girls at the same time without them knowing, but eventually on a date with one of the girls suddenly second girl appears and things start to happen…

The game begins with Thomas going with Barbara to the cinema. User has a limited control about Thomas action and the goal is to “finish” the scenario with the highest score possible. The score is gained by doing activities with the girls and by doing certain actions with girls (e.g. kissing the girls). To finish the game, user has to “steer” characters so all of the three meets and argument happens. The outcome of argument depends on previous actions of Thomas towards girls. There are four possible endings - Thomas breaking up with Barbara or Nataly, both girls breaking with Thomas and one secret ending. The achieved ending type is shown in the middle of the screen when argument starts to happen.

Characters feature simple BDI based decision making system and affect called feeling. To compute feeling value emotion model ALMA by Patrik Gebhard was used ( ).

Game Goal

Finish the game by steering the characters in a way all of them eventually meet and argument starts (but with the highest score possible). Each game session will be saved in the output folder (for analysis - there is no saving). When you are done with the game send me zipped output folder. Note that it is not necessary to watch the whole argument (at the end) every time. When the argument starts (and the game says what ending type you achieved) you may end the game by pressing key 6 (not on NUMPAD).

List of the activities

Each activity scores different amount of points. Activities can be done repeatedly.

  • Wath movie at cinema (done automatically when reaching cinema)
  • Chatting at restaurant (done automatically when reaching the restaurant)
  • Jogging at park (done automatically when reaching the “jogging” park)
  • Being at home and chatting (done automatically when reaching home of the girl with the girl inside)
  • Kissing the girl (done when the girl agrees to kiss proposal)
  • Cuddling the girl (done when the girl agrees to intimate action proposal)

List of places in the town

Check Thomas Place Proposals/Movement to know how to reach the places below.

  • Cinema - marked by C on the map (characters will watch a movie here)
  • Barbara home - marked by B on the map (a good place to perform intimate actions with Barbara - the blonde girl)
  • Nataly home - marked by N on the map (a good place to perform intimate actions with Nataly - the dark hair girl)
  • Restaurant - marked by R on the map (characters will chat here)
  • Central park - marked by C on the map (waiting place)
  • Monument park - marked by J on the map (or “jogging” park - characters will jogg here)

SimDate3D-2 city locations


Starting the game

Run SimDate3DTwo.exe file from the folder where you installed SimDate3D. After a while UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo client window appears. Wait 10 seconds and click ok. You'll find yourself spectating 3D virtual city in UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo window. The game should be started at this time. If the UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo window hangs, just quit it by pressing ESC and Quit and re-launch it by clicking Launch Game button in the small Java window that appears on the screen.

Sometimes also the UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo window goes out-of-sync (happens a lot when launching the game). You know this is happening when characters starts bumping and sliding on the walls in the city. The solution is either to re-launch UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo or simpler yet to run a console in UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo by pressing “~” (tilde) and typing “open” (without quotes) and pressing ENTER. This will re-connect the client to the server.

The user appears in the game as a ghost without the body observing the scene. Use can move manually with arrow keys and mouse. Left clicking the mouse focuses on one of the characters in the scene . we recommend using this view to play the game. Mousewheel increase and decrease observing distance and mouse movement changes angle.

If you find yourself walking in the city not being able to fly, this is a bug that can be solved by pressing ESC and clicking on SPECTATE button.

Game Controls

  • Key = - Cycle game speed - 1, 2 or 4. Recommended speed is 2. Setting game speed to 4 may cause the characters to “twitch” - the engine stops to handle the game well at this speed. This depends on the HW of the computer. The speed 4 intended use is to skip longer sequences when the character(s) are only going somewhere.
  • Key Q - Show/Hide in-game Help
  • Key 5 (NOT on Numpad) - Starts the ext game session if not running (characters appear in the game again in their initial positions and emotions)
  • Key 6 (NOT on Numpad) - Ends the game if not running. Use this key only when something goes wrong or to skip the argument at the end of the story.
  • Key M - Cycles through map modes. Those are: off, small map, large map. On the map player sees positions of the places and characters in the city.
  • Key P - Plays next track.
  • Key F9 - makes a screenshot (good for high score gloating)

Resolution/Graphic settings

This may be changed by pressing ESC and clicking SETTINGS. You can change resolution, graphics quality and audio volume.

Thomas Actions

This makes Thomas to do certain actions, but only if there is some girl nearby. Watch girl reactions carefully if she refuses a proposal, she either does not like Thomas enough to agree or you are at an innapropriate place for the action. Girl also reacts to actions - she will react positively to actions she likes and vice versa.


  • Key 1 (NOT on Numpad) - Propose a kiss - girl has to agree (successfull kiss raises score). Works only at certain places.
  • Key 2 (NOT on Numpad) - Propose “cuddling” action - girl has to agree (successfull cuddling action raises score). Works only at certain places.


  • Key Z - Tells a joke
  • Key X - Tells a compliment
  • Key B - Boy is being bossy to the girl
  • Key C - Boy tries to impress the girl
  • Key V - Boy insults a girl
  • Key N - Tells random neutral action

Thomas Place Proposals/Movement

If Thomas is alone, this will cause Thomas to move to desired place. If there is a girl nearby, Thomas will propose to go to the desired place to the girl (this is a good way how to start dating with the girl that is passing Thomas by). If the girl agrees, they will head towards destination. Note that sometimes the agents “finish” their previous conversation before heading out.

  • Key F1 - Propose to go to the central park
  • Key F2 - Propose to go to the jogging park
  • Key F3 - Propose to go to the restaurant
  • Key F4 - Propose to go to the cinema
  • Key F5 - Propose to go to Barbara home (blonde girl)
  • Key F6 - Propose to go to Nataly home (dark hair girl)
  • Key F7 - Tells goodbye to current girl (the girl and Thomas will head home). Usefull when you want to start dating the other girl.

How to start dating with the girl that is passing by

Best way is to start conversation with some action the girl likes and immediatelly after that propose to the girl to go somewhere in the city. Otherwise the girl and Thomas will continue to their previous destinations after the conversation ends.

Thomas Walking/Steering

Controls how is Thomas following the girl when they are going somewhere. This has currently minimal effect on the girl emotions and can be skipped entirely.

  • Key 3 (NOT on Numpad) - Makes the character to walk weird
  • Key 4 (NOT on Numpad) - Makes the character to walk normal
  • Keys 9 and 0 - increase/decrease distance between characters
  • Keys H, U, J, K - change the angle the boy is following the girl


NOTE: You need to have Java 1.6 32Bit installed on your system as a default JRE. It was not tested with other versions of Java and may not work or cause problems.

SimDate3D-2 1.0.0 - version from 30.12.2013 (some bug fixes).

SimDate3D-2 0.9.9 - version from 16.12.2013.

Known issues

If you encounter a new issue let me know. Also if the game crashes, error log will be saved in the root of the game folder. Send it to me.

  • Sometimes the game starts in de-synchornized mode (characters are bumping into walls). Re-connect to server in UnrealRuntime by pressing “~” (tilde) and typing “open” (without quotes)
  • Sometimes the player does not start as a ghost (but is “walking” and not “flying”). Solve this by pressing ESC and clicking on SPECTATE
  • Characters sometimes de-synchronize at the cinema (one goes to watch the movie, while the other waits, when the first returns, the other goes to watch the movie)
  • Path finding is sometimes glitchy (the characters goes back and forth)
  • Argument behaves weird on weird places (characters can “argue” through the glass window, etc. At some places - around doors - the arguing may break completely)
  • Characters may take some time before their start jogging together (don't jogg with speead at 4)
  • When the girls was at home when Thomas arrived, sometimes she will “flee” to the garden with Thomas staying inside. Just wait for her to return and propose her to go home with the Thomas again (to synchronize them).


Thomas and Barbara at cinema Thomas, Barbara and Nataly when argument starts

Thomas and Barbara at home Thomas and Nataly in restaurant


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