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Welcome to Pogamut Games page. Here we will post information about games and interactive applications built upon the Pogamut platform that are freely downloadable.


argument2.jpg StoryFactory (StoryFactory website) is an application enabling development of short machinima movies in a 3D environment. Stories take place in a 3D virtual town. There are several characters with hundreds of animations that can be used in the story. User simply specifies (scripts) what animations the characters should perform, where they should move, how they should turn and see the result rendered by UrealEngine2RuntimeDemo engine.


emo_01_cinema.jpg emo_02_frankenstein.jpg First level of the Emohawk Game called SimDate3D is created in the scope of Emohawk Project in UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo. Game has a simple story. Thomas and Barbara are going out tonight to the cinema. Goal of the user is to assure Thomas and Barbara will make it to the cinema. The characters may get bored, they may got angry on each other or perhaps, when the interaction is too positive, they may skip the cinema entirely (which results in game loss as well).


sg_01_trajectory.jpg sg_oa1.jpg SteeringGame is created in the scope of Emohawk Project in UnrealEngine2RuntimeDemo. Steering game features several challenging scenarios for virtual agents that can be solved by proper selection and parametrizing of extended Craig Reynolds steering techniques. SteeringGame purpose is to demonstrate and teach how can be these techniques used for navigation of intelligent virtual agents.


A burglar is trying to steel an expensive item from a museum, but has no clue about the cameras and guards set up to protect the precious treasure. Let's help him achieve his goal by locking down doors and operating other environmental items of the building. BurglarGame is a proof of concept work on the usage of planner programs in the game challenge generation. It attempts to convert and pass typical game decisions to planners, and tries to introduce planning into places where other games use design shortcuts. You can download the game from its homepage. The current version is working only on Linux machines due to the used external planners.

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